Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Filmmaker Credits ... Thankyou!

A huge thankyou

to all the filmmakers (photographers, artists and hobby filmmakers) who sent in films for use in Ambience. They make a colourful exciting snapshot of Bristol, the community festival and the harbourside. [Video to follow shortly]

Thanks to...

(in approx. alphabetical order... If you spot any omissions or want to add your website, please add a comment!)

Bill Ambridge


Bristol Festival 2008 (1) & (2) [2009]

Hats and Bikes and other clips


Photos from last year

Cyril Anand


Photos from Bristol Festival 2008




Skatemosh_brizzle [2009]

Tom Bennett



Wood, Maude [2008]


Film made for interactive mobile experience of Docks - story set in 1885

Nick Wilcox Brown



Balloons; Dog on Quay; Harbour Ferry

Sailing; Kites [2009]

Info: Bristol festivals and harbourside moments

Christopher Collins


Graffiti Showreel

Festival Clips

Ralph Juergen Colmar


Reflections 1

Water Colours [2005]


Filmed entirely in Bristol docks

Heather Cowper (producer)

Marie-Cecile Embleton (filmmaker)



A Walk around Bristol's Harbourside [2009]

James Drake


Bristol Harbour [2009]


Time lapse shot of Bristol harbour

Dean Ferris



Matt Gibson






1: Filmed from Bristol Ferry Boat Company boat Brigantia, from Centre to Hotwells

2: Filmed on dodgems sited between Pero's Bridge and Millennium Square, just by Las Iguanas

3: Filmed passing under Pero's Bridge



Dr. Meaker Clips [2009]

Dan Higginson


Project 360*

Jon Kennard





‘It’s a (very) short chronicle of musical themes related to Bristol’s nightlife’

Adam Laity


Swans (5 shorts) [2009]

Liz Milner


History of the Harbour in a spin (1) & (2) [2009]

Info: A 360* view of skyline of harbour encompassing a couple of hundred years of its history

Pervasive Media Studio



Light Up Bristol

Igfest ’08 in 90 seconds

Geeta Seewoonundun


Bristol Festival ‘08 [2009]

Info: Clips from Bristol festival 08. ‘I mainly filmed graffiti but managed to catch a couple of bands’

David Stockley



The Millennium Square ...in HD [2009]

Info: Panning shot of Millennium Square

Gavin Strange



Recent Clips [2009]

Mike Stuart






Originally created for the Brsitol Stories workshop at the Watershed using the handheld pc. Filmed at the junction of st Augustine's Parade & Colston Avenue & at the fountains. The original film was 90 seconds - I have squashed it down to 18 seconds by speeding it up. The original soundtrack was my poem 'fairies'.

Peter Thomas


Cabot Circus Timelapse Part 2 [2008]

Info: Headhunted from Vimeo!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Thanks to all the Great Contributing Musicians....



Titles of tracks: ‘Red Star Democracy’, ‘ Marrakesh Mother’, ‘Plains of Utah’ and ‘re:set’ 2008 - 2009

All tracks mixed & produced by Erique Starvo Galtz & Psy Matthews. Some guitar noises by Ian 4D, George Sneyd, Psy Matthews. Some voices by James Ray & Jared Louche. Lots of stuff by Robert E. King & Alex Lee. Some percussion by Dizzi. Some other voices by Anna Parry & The Maidens Of Melancholy. Additional production by Shane Thomson & Dr. Healey.

Bare Threads


Title of tracks: Talk Too Much / Paint A Smile / Tell You Tales 2008

Musicians: Jo Bennett / Adam Lewes / Jack Williams Dodd / Tom Ogilvie

Playing rock & roll & blues & soul & funk & junk & beats & rhymes…Bare Threads was born in August 2007 out of a love of music, djing, dancing and festivals, with the band wanting to create music that prolonged the dancing and festival spirit long after the Summer was over. Making the most of their musical education provided by years of digging in the crates (two of the group are djs) and listening to all sorts the band holed up in the studio in a rewarding collaboration.

The Bohemian Embassy


Title of compilation: Modern Abuse 2008


Ben Angel – Songwriter, Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar
David Carlyon – Backing Vocal, Lead Guitar, Producer, Engineer,
Luke Cradock – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocal
Louis Lanfear – Drums, Percussion

The Bohemian Embassy is an exciting 4 piece band with a very serious mission: to be the most entertaining, thought provoking music group of all time. The Boho’s are current, commercial and incredibly energetic. Their songs are original and universally appealing with a vibrant colourful new sound.

Their live shows are not to be missed; you will not find a band that can so intensely captivate an audience, not just in lyrics or sound but in stage presence. Whether at a festival, arena or a club, this group performs like no other; They are pure entertainers.

“Hands down – the only new band I have ever seen in my life that made my jaw drop instantly – wow” Brighton Music Fusion Radio.

95% Cotton


Title of compilation: Death by Cotton 2008


Paul Evans, Joe Parsons, Rob Needham, James Parfit

Jon Sterckx


Title of compilation: Drumscapes 2009


Jon Sterckx

Drumscapes are live sampled multipercussion tracks. More info, audio & video: www.drumscapes.net




Title of tracks: Night Time, Water, Salt of the Earth , Could you Fight 2007 -2009


Ben Daughtry, Yasmin Licinio, MC Wyzeleigh, Glyn Le Page

British Fusion… a mix of acoustic guitar, great melodies, heavy beats and bass diversifying into the world of Hip Hop and emcees

Monday, 7 September 2009

Free Tickets & Extended Extension!

Films have been very slow coming in... holidays, busy bees etc... and we still need more film clips for the mediascape to work, SO..

EXTENDED DEADLINE: Tuesday 15th Sept (or asap before then if you can, please)

Please send us your film/video clips - upto 20 seconds, or, if they're longer, send them anyway & we'll cut them into shorter clips!
...Or just pop out with a camera and film scenes of Bristol today!

FREE TICKETS for all submitting filmmakers - 
to the Bristol Festival on Friday 18th September for the Interactive Arts Evening 6-12pm

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Submissions - Deadline Extended

Deadline for submissions is extended to 8th September.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Reminder - Call for Film & Video

Ambience – Call for Film and Video For the Bristol Festival 2009

Do you have any films of or about Bristol’s fabulous Harbourside? Could you make a short movie clip (up to 20 seconds long) ? Now is your chance to get involved in Ambience, a film experience with a twist that will get your films on the big screen during the Bristol Festival (Fri Sep 18 – Sun Sep 20).

That’s not all though. Ambience is a mediascape. What does that mean?
Well, it means your films will be ‘attached’ with some digital-pokery to areas in the Festival.

As people walk around the Festival site the magic of GPS will trigger the films associated with certain hot spots. These will play in a special hand held device along with music from some of Bristol’s top bands.

The films people pick up on their little ambles will be edited together and sent to big screens throughout the Festival. Each walk creates a one-of-a-kind movie and music mash-up – and your film could be included.

Whether you’ve filmed it on a mobile phone or a professional camera, whether it’s funny or serious, abstract or action-packed, whatever the topic – as long as it includes the Harbourside in some way – send it along to Ambience to get your work out there and enjoyed by the Bristol masses.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Ambience Technical Guide - FAQ

What format should my film be?

We accept any format – so if you want to send something straight from a mobile phone or digital camera movie file, that’s fine. We’ll try to convert it, and get in touch if there’s a problem! As a rough guide the minimum frame rate should be 12 fps and minimum size 320x240 pixels. But ideally 25fps and 600x800 pixels or more...

If you’re editing or using a video camera, then please send us the best quality version you can – preferably as standard DV or best quality QuickTime movie, 4:3.

If you want some tips on exporting from editing software, the DepicT! Technical Guide has some useful tips.

Can I add a title or credits?

Please do not add titles or credits. They won’t be used, and may make your film ineligible. Your film could be viewed at any scale from the ‘side of a building’ to a ‘hand-held mobile device screen’ – so the better quality you can send, the better it will look on the big screens. BUT keep it simple – on small screens very fine details may not show so well. The entry form asks for the name of the main filmmaker/director. Credits for all of the filmmakers and musicians will be listed on the website www.ambience2009.blogspot.com. If you want to include a link to your website, we’ll try & add it in too.

What about sound?

Audio won’t be used, so you can remove it – or we will.

The soundtrack for the films in Ambience will come from local bands, and be chosen by the walker. The soundtrack could start at any point in the track, and will end when the films end. It can be really interesting to see your film with different soundtracks playing, so relax and don’t worry about the sound for now!

How do I send you my film?

You can either send it by post or online.

By post: send a DVC tape, a data CD or a data DVD to Ambience c/o the Bristol Festival (see entry form for details).


Dropbox: The easiest way to send your film is using the ‘dropbox’ at http://dropbox.yousendit.com/Ambience2009

NB You don’t need to register or have an account with yousendit to use this free service.

To upload a file to the Dropbox:

1. Go to http://dropbox.yousendit.com/Ambience2009 to see the ‘YouSendIt’ dropbox for Ambience.

2. Add your email address, so you will get an email receipt.

3. In the text boxes provided, specify a subject and message.

4. Click the Browse button, and specify the location of the file.

5. Select Add another file for each additional file (up to five files maximum).

6. Click SEND IT.

Email: If it’s smaller than 25MB you can send your film as an attachment by email to: ambience2009@gmail.com [Note, your email provider may limit the attachment size. The file may take several minutes to attach and then to send, depending on file size and speed of internet connection.]

Please send a separate email too, so we can contact you if your film doesn’t arrive!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Send Your Films To Ambience

Ambience – Call for Public Film and Video For the Bristol Festival 2009

Do you have film or video of last year’s Bristol Festival? Could you make a short (upto 20 second) movie clip about the harbourside?

Calling any of Bristol’s visitors and filmmakers with access to a video camera/mobile phone:

Please send us your short clip for use in Ambience – a unique mobile film experience for the Bristol Festival 2009. Media artist Jackie Calderwood will map your films into areas of the site, along with music from some of Bristol’s top bands. People at the festival will be able to watch the films as they explore the site – on hand-held screens (using gps tracking) and on big screens inside and outside around the festival site.

Your film could be a carefully crafted mini-masterpiece, or an impromptu response to the area – we’re looking for a diverse mix of films, with one thing in common – a link (hidden or obvious) to Bristol harbourside and the Bristol Festival. Funny, serious, thought-provoking, abstract, action-packed... anything suitable for a public audience.

NB. We’ll only use the imagery - no sound, that’ll be the music tracks!

Deadline for submissions: 1 September

To upload your film (max. file size 2GB) click on the link below. (You don't need to register with yousendit) 


For more info, a tech guide and tips for 20 second film-making, see the festival website from early August:


or contact ambience2009@gmail.com

Rules for Submitting Films

Ambience – Call for Public Film and Video For the Bristol Festival 2009

Ambience '09 Rules

  1. The deadline for receipt of entries is 1800hrs (BST) on Tues 1 Sept '09
  2. Films may be submitted by post to the Bristol Festival office (clearly marked ‘Ambience’). Or through our online system at www.thebristolfestival.org
  3. There is no entry fee to submit films for Ambience.
  4. Films must be accompanied by a completed Entry form. By submitting your films you agree to their unrestricted use in Ambience, associated documentation and promotion.
  5. We will notify entrants whether their film has been accepted by 10th September ’09.
  6. The duration of your film(s) must not exceed 20 seconds. Shorter entries (5-15 seconds) are encouraged.
  7. Do not include titles, credits or subtitles in your film.
  8. Ambience is open to short films of all production techniques, including animation, documentary, drama, experimental or artist film and hybrid work. We do not accept advertisements. Only the imagery will be used – no sound. You may submit films with soundtrack, on the understanding that the soundtrack will be removed.
  9. Films completed at any date may be submitted. Whilst we do not have a premiere policy, we positively encourage entries made specifically for Ambience.
  10. The maximum number of entries per individual is three.
  11. The primary contact completing the submission process must be authorised to submit the film(s) and must have obtained necessary permissions for the inclusion of copyrighted images within the films.
  12. Please make sure your submitted version is the best quality you have available (preferred format is Standard 4:3 DV). As a rough guideline, the minimum requirement is 320x240 pixels, and not less than 12fps. We will endeavor to work with all formats submitted, but may restrict use for low quality clips.
  13. Please note that only the director(s) will be credited on the website and any other promotional material.
  14. Films should be suitable for public viewing, and should have some connection (obvious or hidden) with the Bristol Harbourside and/or Bristol Festival.
  15. We aim to include all films submitted that meet the entry criteria, however the decision of the Ambience team is final and no further discussion will be entered into.

Entry Form

*e-mail ambience2009@gmail.com if you'd like the form as a pdf or word document*

Ambience – Call for Public Film and Video For the Bristol Festival 2009

Ambience '09 Entry Form

  1. Name:
  2. Postal address:

  1. Phone:
  2. Mobile:
  3. Email:
  4. Age:
  5. If under 18, parent/guardian name:

I confirm that I have the necessary permission/am the copyright holder of the film(s) submitted, and that the film(s) submitted are suitable for public viewing. I have read and accept the rules for Ambience, and acknowledge that, if selected, my film(s) will be used in Ambience and related documentation and promotion. I understand that the director(s) of accepted film(s) will be acknowledged in project credits rather than on the film clip itself.

8. Signature (if under 18 then signature of parent/guardian):

9. Date:

Submission(s) [max. 3 per entrant]:

  1. Title of film/clip
  2. Length: NB Maximum length 20 seconds
  3. Format : See Tech Guidance for info.
  4. Submitted by: website/ post Date: Filename/DVDname: NB The deadline for receipt of entries is 1800hrs (BST) on Tues 1 Sept '09
  5. Year made:
  6. Director (filmmaker):
  7. Connection with theme of Bristol Harbourside/Bristol Festival:

Film material submitted by post will only be returned if you enclose an SAE (please ensure correct postage).

Subject to funding we will compile a documentary DVD of all the successful submissions, and provide successful applicants with a copy. If you do not wish to receive a copy please mark X here:


by email (print, sign, scan) to: ambience2009@gmail.com

or by post to Ambience, Bristol Festival Community Group, Bush House, 4th Floor, 72 Prince Street, Bristol BS1 4QD

What is Ambience?

Ambience will be a live event at Bristol Festival 2009. On the Friday evening people can book out a handheld computer (i-paq) and headphones (from the same box office as silent disco gear). They then choose music to listen to as they wander around the harbourside, Anchor & Millennium squares.

Over 50 pieces of short film will have been 'hidden' in the area, and as they walk around they 'collect' the 'hidden' films (using gps and mscape software on the i-paqs).

When they want, they stop and watch back the films collected on their i-paq, the music becoming the soundtrack to the films. [To see an example, see www.e-merge-walks.com which shows walks and films from St James's Park, March 09 Or see

http://www.birds-eye-view.co.uk/news/2009/02/21/jackie-calderwood-tells-us-more-about-innovation-project-e-merge/ for background about the filmmaking mediascapes]

Some of the collated films will also be shown intermittently around the site that evening - eg projected inside venues, onto the Lloyds building, BBC big screen.

The 50+ film clips will be collected from the public by an open call.

Although the size and frame rate for i-paq playback is low (320x240 and 12 fps, with films converted by me into .swf) that will not be adequate for larger playback. Hence I'd like people to send in the best quality they have, and ideally standard DV 4:3 ratio (as that's how I'll edit to compile films for large screen).

The music will be from bands who have applied to play at the festival but who won’t be playing live this year.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Ambience 2009

A collaborative filmmaking mediascape, planned for Bristol Festival 2009....